Workshops at Hollytree Healing Centre

Have you thought about adding new skills, or increasing your knowledge but not sure where to go?

Workshops at Hollytree Healing Centre offer a gentle, informative and relaxed environment in which you can enhance your skills, both spiritual and practical as well as deepening your knowledge and understanding.

Workshops offer a group learning experience which are fun and interactive, mutually supportive and a great place to meet like-minded people.  When we learn in a group, each person brings their own uniqueness to the group and becomes an essential part.  We discover that we are not alone in our thoughts, feelings and problems and the joy is that we can re-frame these to bring more knowledge and sense to our lives. 

Workshops currently held here

Reiki - Levels I to III

Angela Abbott or Sue Fishbourne run groups which explore the art and practice of Reiki at all levels.

This system of energy healing is an ancient art of hands-on-healing. Reiki also serves as a powerful self-development philosophy for life. Re-discovered in Japan in the 19th century by Mikao Usui, the technique is simple, easy to learn and use. Healing energy is transferred from the healer to the receiver and can help bring about stress reduction, an improved immune system, increased energy levels and deep relaxation.


Safe and non-invasive, Reiki is suitable for all and works well as a complement to other therapies with many recipients experiencing a shift in physical and mental ailments. Reiki workshops are fully certified with all levels available, anyone can learn it and everyone can benefit from it.  Please contact Angela or Sue if you are interested in these workshops.

Violet Flame

Louisa Cook or Sue Fishbourne run these workshops.

This gentle yet powerful energy can be used to clear negative energies which you may have picked up from other people wanting to off-load energetically. It teaches you how to put energetic protection procedures in place for both yourself and others. This half-day workshop will give you the background and history to Violet Flame, where and how to use it and its benefits. You will receive an attunement and be given time to practice and ask questions. This workshop is particularly useful if you work closely with clients and members of the public and is very beneficial if you are working with Reiki.  Please contact Louisa or Sue if you are interested in this workshop

Meditation & Mindfulness

Workshops run by Angela Abbott

The benefits of meditation are renowned with scientific research now concluding that regular practice leads to a healthier mind, body and spirit. Mindfulness is a great way to enter into the wonderful world of meditation to help you find peace in an often frantic world. Angela is the person to contact for this workshop

Menopause Support, Self-Hypnosis & Coaching Workshops

Lynne Russell runs these workshops.

Lynne runs a variety of workshops which are person centred and focus on giving you information, skills and techniques to enhance your life experiences.  For more information, do take a look at her website -

Upcoming Workshops