Holistic Healing

Soul soothing therapies at Hollytree Healing Centre are gentle and non-invasive, working with your body's own natural healing process, helping it intuitively readjust and repair itself to bring wellness to your mind, body, spirit and soul. Treatments are holistically delivered, seeking out the underlying cause of any symptoms you may be experiencing and may take the form of energy healing and chakra balancing, a session of Reiki or Reflexology or a guided meditation. Soul/life coaching sessions may also form part of your healing, helping to unlock any negative blockages and unhelpful patterns of behaviour with an enlightening practice called 'Divine Healing Master Key'.


A safe and comforting alternative therapy, harnessing the energy of the universe which can help bring about calm, peace and wellbeing, easing emotions, stress and anxiety. This ancient form of healing can stimulate the body into repairing itself as I work with energy channeled through my hands to bring about deep relaxation and help promote positivity. More on Reiki


A non-invasive age-old healing art where pressure is precisely applied to reflexes of the feet or hands to help balance, calm, relax, reduce stress, improve circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing capacity. Specific reflexes correspond to different parts of the body to bring about an all-encompassing healing experience. More on Reflexology


Divine Healing Master Key (DHMK)

A very powerful and deeply healing modality working with your inner wisdom and strength. DHMK will guide you to identify old and familiar patterns of behaviour, understand them, accept them, and gently release or integrate them. This treatment aims to help you become empowered to achieve your dreams, reconnect to your true essence and help you become the master of your life. More on Divine Healing Master Key


I am a fully trained and qualified Aromatherapist and will use essential oils and blends to enhance your session with me. 

I am also trained in massage and whilst it is no longer a specific treatment I offer, I will use my skills to loosen tight muscles or tension in the body. Chakra Balancing, Meditation and Stress Management are also modalities I use to help bring you back to health and wellness.

Your journey to health will be uniquely tailored to help you find balance in your life and begins with a consultation to help us work harmoniously together on this path. To book your consultation please contact me here.




“Healing is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release at a profound level, which helps your body to adjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace and in its own way.” 

The Healing Trust

Seated Healing
Fees per session are by the hour.
Sessions are charged as follows:
2.00 hours  - £80.00
1.50 hours  - £65.00
1 hour         - £45.00
Hollytree Healing Centre