2017 - A beautiful year!

New Beginnings

Prepare your soil

New Energy

We are now nearly at the end of January, in the new year of 2017! How time flies! It is obviously going to be another fast-paced year, so hold onto your hats!

Firstly, a little about 2016. Numerologically, it was a '9', which is an ending year. Nine signifies the end of a cycle, a time when 'things', whatever they may be are completed, which is why we saw so many people leaving the planet. They had done what they came to do.

2017 is a '1' and holds the vibration of fresh starts and new beginnings, exciting new possibilities and opportunities. Now is the time to consider which seeds we want to plant and cultivate for the future - it is time to do some planting!

And it is important for us to focus on ourselves and our garden, not compare ourselves and what we're doing to others' gardens. Prepare the soil well and we will reap a beautiful harvest so consider, research and implement, all from the heart, rather than the head.

Very interestingly, as the energies of 2016 slip away, the bonds we have with people and places and situations which are detrimental or limiting in any way, will easily and naturally sever, leaving us feeling free to walk away with peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and a clearer, lighter step.

So, a little more detail..........2017 starts with a powerful Eclipse season, starting in February. On the 10th, the first lunar eclipse of the year falls in the fire sign of Leo......and this is a very fiery year, cleansing and purifying as we go through. And then there is a solar eclipse in Pisces on 26th February, which is when we really start to leave the energies of 2016 behind - phew!

The Equinox on 20th March supercharges the energy of the year and it is at this point when it would be really, really helpful for us all to have a clear (or clearer) vision and understanding of just what exactly we want our year to look like, with all that that implies.

Added to this, Venus goes retrograde and this brings a powerful theme to the early part of 2017, helping us to expand the energy of love - love for the planet and all human beings. It will help us adjust to feelings of love and femininity - possibly highlighting the issues of equal rights for women.

Here is an important concept which we need to be aware of from May to August - what sort of soil have we prepared? Have we created an environment in which we can grow all of our dreams and wishes or is there a little tweaking needed? It is an exciting time, with maybe a certain amount of upheaval and events taking us by surprise, so this is a good time to be open, ready and aware of where, how, what we are doing. Stay in the moment and respond, rather than react.

Globally, this will have an impact too. Now is the time when we can review how, as a society, we have prepared our soil - fertile, loving and with space to create, or poisoned with ego, greed and corruption? Things may be stirring at this point so we can see what needs to be changed and what needs our loving attention.

August is a time of reflection. We are coming into clarity about what we want to achieve and where we are heading. It is a new cycle amplified by the lunar eclipse on 7th August in the sign of Aquarius. Those of us who are of this sign, and all other air signs, will feel it strongly. Aquarius rules humanity, this is the age of Aquarius (no singing please!) and we will all probably get a very significant message about now.

Happily, we end the year on a high! No matter what has happened the energies of the year will guide and support us, held by a friendly Universe. The last few months are filled with high energy and positive opportunities helping us to get where we want and need to be.

2017 has, in effect, been a stepping stone!

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