Reiki Training Days with Sue Fishbourne

Reiki is a gentle, safe and non-invasive method of healing, both of ourselves and others, using the abundant Universal energy which is all around.  We all have a healing ability but many of us have just 'lost the knack'. Reiki attunements (which 'open you up', or 'tune you back in' to the energy) can be likened to descaling water pipes: when they are furred up, the water will go through, but can be a bit murky and slow. With each Reiki attunement, the energy flows faster, is 'cleaner' and more powerful. The Reiki workshops will attune you to that Universal energy, enabling you to work with it both for yourself and others. The attunements take place gradually, each one giving you more information, knowledge and experience, until you can teach Reiki to others, if that is where you are led.

My Reiki groups are small and supportive, and I have great pleasure in leading you forward on your journey.

Please contact me for prices and dates.


Reiki I Certification

A one-day course introducing you to the healing energies of Reiki.  You will learn the history and background of Reiki, where and how it can be used, its benefits and how to use it on yourself.  A short time is also spent on investigating the energy centres, or chakras.


Reiki II Certification

A one-and-a-half day course designed to take you further along your Reiki pathway. We will re-visit some aspects of Reiki I and delve deeper into how and where Reiki can be used. You will also increase your knowledge of the Chakras and their influences. During the course you will be given three of the sacred Reiki symbols and taught how to distant heal; the certification will also include meditation as well as receiving your Reiki attunements. The half day will be spent practicing your new skills and answering any questions that may arise.


Reiki III – Mastery

A two-and-a-half day course which brings together all you have learnt so far, and gives you your Mastery attunements. You will be given more symbols and advanced skills. This is a very special course and not one to be taken without commitment to the Reiki principles: you will also need to have worked with Reiki for at least a year. Please contact me for further details.


Reiki III – Master-Teacher

A one-day course during which you will learn how to attune others: we will also discuss the responsibilities that this brings.  We shall then spend time clarifying how to run Reiki Workshops followed by time set aside for you to practice your new skills. The price of this workshop includes a complete manual and instructions detailing everything you will need to run your own Reiki workshops.


Violet Flame

This gentle yet powerful energy can be used to clear negative energies which you may have picked up from other people wanting to off-load energetically. It teaches you how to put energetic protection procedures in place for both yourself and others. This one day workshop will give you the background and history to Violet Flame, where and how to use it and its benefits. You will receive an attunement and be given time to practice and ask questions. This workshop is particularly useful if you work closely with clients and members of the public and is very beneficial if you are working with Reiki.




Reiki I:  

  • Learn how to feel energy and become sensitive to change

  • Experience how to ground yourself and channel energy

  • Find out how to take control of your personal wellbeing and health

  • Discover a great life skill that can serve you for the rest of your life

Reiki II:

  • Discover more Reiki techniques using the three sacred symbols

  • Learn more precious ways in which Reiki can be used to help benefit our health

  • Expand your knowledge on the Chakras how they influence our wellness

  • Experience fine tuning your new skills in a supportive environment

Violet Flame:

  • Learn how to transmute and uplift your energy

  • Nurture emotional well-being and help to resolve any emotional conflicts

  • Work on restoring calm and dissolving negative energies

  • Discover how to energetically protect yourself from unwanted negative energy